Free Skiing or Modern Day Slavery?


Join Paul Burroughs and Denis O’Brien as we take a true look into the exploitation of Volunteers, specifically in the Ski Industry, and how it subverts laws and hurts the people it proposes to help! “Voluntyranny” – the consummate Documentary describing this almost ‘slavery’ aspect of the ski industry that remains hidden. We have documented the IRS implications, the absence of State tax, personal revenue and the actual impact that has on the community and finally and most importantly we will document the human toll it takes in both personal and financial ways. We will display how the ambassador program hurts the individual and community it is allegedly helping , all the while greasing the palms of corp execs, many of whom have never set foot in Vermont. Paul’s undercover work and the interviews with volunteers past and present show the hypocrisy of the so-called volunteer program.

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People are working uninsured and unpaid, perhaps its time to stand up for the downtrodden.

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Bought and paid for. It seems that that is the main problem.

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